It’s Getting Cold Out There 

Hey everyone,

It’s the end of October and we are in Calgary at the present moment–tonight we play at The Drake in Canmore and then we have a couple of days to work on material for the record. Thanks to everyone who came out to our shows in Calgary, Edmonton, Athabasca, Minnedosa and Carman. We had a great time and learned about some fabulous new restaurants (heehee). We have been talking more about having a page on our site devoted to our favorite eateries and I think that will happen when the new site is built.

It’s getting cold here and we are soon to join our hometown in some snow, I hear. So far the weather has been kind to us. We were hoping that it would stay mild so that Ruth could go out trick-or-treating as she usually does, but it looks like we may have to amuse her with a movie or something on Halloween. Speaking of movies, we just rented “28 Days”–creepy and suspenseful and worth a gander, we think.

Anyway, we do hope to see lots of you in Canmore and Forestberg for our last shows of this tour. After that we’ll keep you posted on all the news as the recording is wrapped up.

Take care everyone!