In Search of The Jennys 

Hi everyone,

We are home now and that means that once again I get to discover how many emails have mysteriously slipped through the cracks while I have been gone. This is one that made it to my home computer but didn’t reach me on the road. Thankfully, I found it because it is yet another fabulous poetic offering! Apparently, Mr. Brian McGrath was so inspired by Jillian Bell’s writing that he penned some verses of his own. Thanks for sending it, Brian.


Like many of the folks in the guestbook below, I, too, heard you first on the Nations radio Just like friend Jillian out Saskatchewan way, I had to have the music that very same day.

Alas and alack, I searched all round, Not a trace nor a hint of the Jenny’s was found. Then into Sam’s place I desperately went, To find me this sound, I charged in hell-bent.

attacked the clerk with my arms a-flailin’, Only, once more, to be sent on to Waylon. With a tsk and a tsk, he showed me some pity, “Was it on the CBC that you first heard this dity?”.

“A dity its not” cried I in disdain, “but the voices of angels”. Then he said through my pain, “Well, they do that a lot, those CBC hosts, They taunt you with tunes created by ghosts”.

They cannot be spirits, thought I in despair, The Jenny’s are real, made of one plus a pair. Surely there’s someone who’s heard of these lasses, But my internet dial-up has the speed of molasses.

At last I arrived at the Jenny’s home page. With a sigh of relief, I let go my rage. I devoured the words in their bio’ toot sweet, I ordered the EP, now my life is replete.

I have only one question to pose to you all, OK, maybe two. but that will be all. When will you sing for us here in T.O.? Are there plans for an LP now on the go?

To mangle the words of the late, great Bob Hope, (And I hope you don’t think me too much of a mope), “Thanks for the Harmonies.”, I can’t wait for more. Please let us all know what you may have in store.

Thanks, Brian. You put smiles on our faces. And to answer your query about the upcoming album, we expect to release it in early February and we will be out your way (Ontario) in March. There ya go! Keep an eye on the site for new dates and journal entries and check out the “Pictures” page soon for new shots from the summer.

Take care and thanks for the great guest book entries!