Mourning a Guitar and Celebrating Lunenburg 

Greetings everyone,

Checking in from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Lunenburg’s downtown is an historical site and the buildings are stunning. It’s a beautiful area of the country and I feel so fortunate to be here. We have been billeted by some very generous people, Bill and Lynn Richardson and we are having a great time performing and finding some authentic east coast food with which to gorge ourselves.

Speaking of which, Ruth and I sunk to a new low last night. We ordered “Fronions” (fries and onion rings) and due to the small percentage of onion rings, (and our gluttony of course) proceeded to eat an onion ring that had fallen on the grass of the CD tent (ie. high-traffic grass). How can you tell it’s the end of a tour?

As much as I love being out here, I am fairly ready to go home. I had a bit of an upset, to say the least, when my guitar was killed by an airline which shall remain nameless until I sort everything out with them (but suffice it to say that they have enough troubles right now that they should be trying to keep the passengers they currently have). We often have a lot of issues with our equipment when flying and in this case, my guitar was left out in a torrential rainstorm while we were changing flights in Calgary. The case filled with water and my beautiful guitar (on which I have written almost all of my songs) warped beyond repair.

Thanks to John Sharples (thank you, John!), I was able to work with my insurance company and I bought a new guitar in Guelph, Ontario. It is truly beautiful. Still, to lose a guitar is a fairly devastating thing and there have been some sad days lately. I only hope that my new guitar will inspire some new songs and that I will grow as fond of it as I did of my Morgan.

Sad news aside, things are going well our here. We had a truly magical time at the Goderich Celtic college and we miss our students (from our harmony classes) already. If you are ever through that way in the summer and can sign up for the courses, it is well worth it. Some of the finest players from all over the world teach at this school. It was an incredible experience for us to be included in the lineup and we can’t speak highly enough of everyone involved in the college and festival. Check it out.

Time to go over to the main stage and catch Suzie Vinnick and David Francey. I’ll write more later.