Making Our First Video! 


It’s been quite a busy month…we’re finally off the road for a few days so it’s time to catch up with email and journal entries and exercise and other such things. It’s lovely to be home. I have a brand new nephew and saw him for the first time yesterday. The weather is beautiful – I might just try and get out to the country and enjoy it to the fullest this weekend. By some miraculous and evil tactic the city seems to have gotten rid of our mosquito problem – what have we missed while we were gone?

On Tuesday we leave again for Calgary where we will be shooting our first video – it will be a video for ‘Beautiful Dawn’, which, by the way was just released as the new single to Country Radio across Canada. Wish us luck!

The tour was great – we went from Vancouver to Lunenburg to New Mexico all in the span of 3 weeks – so there’s been no shortage of moving around. Right in the middle we spent four days teaching harmony classes in Goderich, Ontario, at the Celtic college – which was something we’ve never really done before aside from a workshop here and there. We are also not a Celtic band so we weren’t sure how we would fit into the college. But it ended up being a really rewarding experience. Over those 4 days I felt the spirit of my mother gradually take over my body, until on the last day all her passion and enthusiasm was upon me and I found myself leading one third of a full-fledged choir. Both my parents were teachers, so it was cool to have a window into their world for a few days. Anyway, thanks to all our students for making it so much fun. We hope we are able to come back next year.

That’s it for now. More when we’re on the road again…

~ Ruth