Video Shoot and Food Page 

Hi all,

We’re back in Winnipeg for a couple of weeks (yay!) and I am busy working on the food page. I just spoke with my brother today and we should have it up in the next few days – he’s just building the page for it as I write. I’ll also be sending some photos and video to him to post.

The video shoot in Calgary went really well and was quite the learning experience. The shoot lasted two days and thankfully we were blessed with good weather for both. We experienced some light rain when we were shooting on a roof in Inglewood, but other than that, it was warm and sunny. The director and crew from Murder Inc. were some of the nicest people we’ve ever worked with and the pace of the shoot was very relaxed – filming a video is a pretty intense experience and having the chance to work with friendly, helpful people was the key to us not feeling nervous. Nothing like lip-synching to your own voice to make you feel a little weird!

We shot one scene in a bar called “Bungalow”. I played a bartender and having had 13 years of experience in the serving industry, the part came rather naturally. Actually, the fact that I was supposed to appear disenfranchised and a little grumpy in my bartending job was the thing that required no acting. Haha. Cara was filmed on a moving bus (that was an interesting challenge when I tried to get some video on my digital camera). I think I got some good stills of her and will post those soon. Ruth was shot on a gorgeous riverbank surrounded by over-friendly ducks and because her scene was filmed in public, a curious crowd gathered during the shoot. Nothing like lip-synching to your own song in front of strangers to make you feel even more weird.

We also shot some performance footage on the aforementioned roof and broke for lunch at the local Harley-Davidson Diner. When you see the video let us know whether the heartburn translates on the roof scene. Jill Brooksbank from our management team was there for the shoot and I think I ate almost three quarters of her macaroni and cheese before my own meal arrived.

We moved on to Owen Sound after that and had a great time at Summerfolk. My highlights of that weekend were Joel Kroeker’s beer tent performance, meeting and hearing Chuck Brodsky and Billy Jonas, James Keelaghan and his various comedic shenanigans and Michael Wrycraft making up his own words to “The Mary Ellen Carter” in the finale. I can’t repeat them here, unfortunately but I spent more time laughing uncontrollably on the main stage than I did trying to fake my way through that song. I am a bad folk singer for not knowing the words. Someday…

We’re heading off in a couple of weeks and we’re looking forward to some more shows in the States. Hope to see everyone soon!

~ Nicky