Howdy from Alberta 

Howdy everyone!

Cara here… I’m in Alberta, taking a bit of a break, visiting old friends and taking in the gorgeous scenery. Yesterday I went on a hike in BEAUTIFUL Kananaskis Country (my calves are feeling it a bit today). It was so cold my legs felt like flesh icicles. heeeeh. Tomorrow I’m heading to one of my former stomping grounds – Gull Lake Camp – to try and write some songs. I was able to rig up a VERY large goalie bag (with wheels!) to fit both my acoustic and electric so I am READY TO ROCK! 🙂

After a few shows in Alberta we are heading on our first official US tour, down the West Coast. Should be lots of fun! If you live in WA, OR or CA check out our On Stage page to find out where we’ll be playing.

Well, I should hit the hay. My left eye is starting to droop.

Peace out.