Hey everyone

Cara here. We just returned home from our tour in the States and I am definitely ready for a long nap! 🙂 I think I drove the L.A. freeways a bit much the past few days (heeeeeh)… I feel like my brain is on hyper-speed.

After our show in Ben Lomand (where the audience sang their hearts out on the Mingulay Boat Song – it rocked!) we drove down Hwy 1 along the coast, thru Big Sur and other incredibly beautiful areas. And it was hot hot hot. Ahhhhh, I loved it! L.A. was defintely a different place… everyone drives (I mean EVERYONE!), I didn’t see one person on a bike. It was very strange. I got to visit with some new friends, walked along the beach and in the ocean, and was given a bit of a tour (drove by Ozzy Osbourne’s house… kinda funny). Did I mention that I saw the freeways?

Thanks to everyone who came out to our shows in the States – we’re already looking forward to coming back!

Gotta go eat some soup now. Ciao.