Western Canadian Music Awards 

Hi all,

I am in beautiful Victoria at the moment and I am writing this in the lobby of the Strathcona Hotel. I have about a half an hour before we are due for a TV interview so I thought I would write an entry and let everyone know about the last few days of our crazy lives. I think I’ve finally almost caught up on missed sleep!

After flying down to Pittsburgh last Thursday for an arts showcase, we flew all day Saturday to get to Chilliwack for a show. Though we were tired, the show went well and we ran into some old friends and supporters. We also had some great Greek food (check the Food page for new entries for Pittsburgh and Chilliwack – we did a lot of eating in a short amount of time). The next day we drove to the Abbotsford airport and flew to Calgary where we reported to the theatre where the Western Canadian Music Awards were being held (the name escapes me at the moment). After sound-checking with four members of the Calgary Symphony, we were sent off to go eat again.

I started getting slightly nervous as we were going to be performing “Arlington” for the show and I was feeling a little zombie-like from all of the flying. It was also feeling a bit surreal that we were nominated for two awards as well. Dinner was wonderful (another go at Murrieta’s with our management) and my nerves didn’t stop me from inhaling chocolate cake and banana cream pie.

By the time we performed, I had gotten a hold of my adrenaline and calmed down a bit and the song went well. The string quartet from the symphony were brilliant (as was Richard Moody’s gorgeous arrangement) and the crowd seemed to appreciate the song. We rushed offstage and while were putting away our instruments in the dressing room and trying to decide if we had enough time to visit the loo, we were called upstairs to accept the award for Outstanding Roots Album. We didn’t even hear our name mentioned! It was another surreal moment.

After that as we were returning to our seats, Cara and I ran into Brian Potvin from the Northern Pikes who proceeded to compliment our performance. When we realized who it was, Cara and I started hailing him with the Wayne and Garth “we’re not worthy” refrain and told him that we worshipped the Northern Pikes growing up. His response was great – he seemed genuinely happy that we were so thrilled to meet him. The Northern Pike’s performance that night was one of the highlights.

The after-party was the best part of all for me. I must have sung 70s and 80s rock tunes for about 4 hours with my partner, Grant (who was at the conference with his very fabulous band Novillero), Jill Brooksbank from Mainstage, Pat (can’t remember his last name but he knew an incredible list of songs on the piano – I can’t believe his arms didn’t fall off) and a few other dedicated partiers. At one point, we pushed a grand piano down the hall while singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. Thankfully, we didn’t get arrested and Thom Sparling, the event coordinator was more amused than anything else. Yeesh, musicians…

My night was capped off by a wonderful conversation with a member of War Party who said she was a fan (I am a big fan of her band as well), and some much needed sleep when I got home to my friends Jodi and Jon Ouellette’s house. Thanks to them for being their usual hospitable selves!

I’m running out of time and this is very long, so I’ll sign off now!

~ Nicky