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Hello everyone,

We’re in Calgary at the moment and we just got word that the video for “Beautiful Dawn” has made its way over to CMT and will hopefully soon be at MuchMoreMusic. But we need your help! Unlike major label artists who have the muscle of a huge label behind them, we depend on our fans to let these stations know that there is demand for our kind of music. We would appreciate so much if you could go to one or both of the following links and request the video for “Beautiful Dawn”. All you need to do is click on the links below, write a short letter saying that you know The Wailin’ Jennys have a new video out and ask them to play it.

We know everyone is busy but we would appreciate your help so much. Your support has helped get us to this point and we thank you for that. We couldn’t do it without you all!

To email CMT (USA), click on this link:

Email CMT (USA)

To email MuchMoreMusic, click on this link:

Email Much More Music