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Hi again,

Sorry to bother everyone so soon after the last message – you have all been so wonderful with your requests, we can’t believe how many of you already wrote in. We feel sheepish to say this but we gave you the email address for CMT U.S. instead of CMT Canada. Aaaaargghh!! I know this is asking a lot (this is Nicky speaking here, I shouldn’t let Ruth and Cara take the blame for this gaff), but if you could click on the attached link and copy the text of your previous emails into the CMT Canada comments form, we would be so thankful. It certainly won’t hurt that CMT U.S. got the message – actually, it could really help us down south – but it’s the Canadian website we need to hit.

I promise that I’ll check into these kinds of things more thoroughly in the future. I have road brain right now. Eeeek.

The link to the CMT Canada comments webform is : CMT Canada

Just click on “Connect”, choose “CMT Programming”, select “Show or Video Request” or “CMT Programs” and then write your email.

Thanks again and sorry for the confusion!