What's New 

Hello everyone,

I am writing this at an internet cafe on Hollywood Boulevard and I have to say that this whole L.A. experience is a little surreal. We’re waiting for our show to start (this one’s a bit late for our usual crowd as our set begins at 11:00 pm) and there’s some sort of strange showcase before us featuring singers who do backflips and backup dancers. Hmmm…

Anyway, we wanted to thank everyone for writing in to CMT and Muchmoremusic with your requests for “Beautiful Dawn”. If you haven’t had a chance to send a message in or you’d like to send a few more emails, the links are below and on the journal page. Thank you!

We have added some new food entries, a review from the Chico news, and some more shows. Check back often! We’ll have more to report from the last leg of this tour later -we’re being charged an arm and a leg to use these computers. I wonder if it’s because we’re so close to the stars (ie. the wax replicas down the street)?