Western Canadian Music Awards

Hi all, I am in beautiful Victoria at the moment and I am writing this in the lobby of the Strathcona Hotel. I have about a half an hour before we are due for a TV interview so I thought … Continued

Hey everyone, We have some great news to report – last night we won the award for Outstanding Roots Recording at the Western Canadian Music Awards!!!! It was a good evening on the whole and we were glad we made … Continued

The Wailing Jennys

From their name and the album’s graphics I first assumed the Wailing Jennys were a reggae group. Wrong. This Canadian group, made up of three women with sublime voices, rejoices in the glorious sound of perfect three part harmonies placed … Continued

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Jennys’ goal: Never compromise

They are compared to The Dixie Chicks, but The Wailin’ Jennys play the music they like best They are compared to The Dixie Chicks, but The Wailin’ Jennys play the music they like best. In the music business, few shortcuts … Continued

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Hey everyone Cara here. We just returned home from our tour in the States and I am definitely ready for a long nap! 🙂 I think I drove the L.A. freeways a bit much the past few days (heeeeeh)… I … Continued

Hello everyone, I am writing this at an internet cafe on Hollywood Boulevard and I have to say that this whole L.A. experience is a little surreal. We’re waiting for our show to start (this one’s a bit late for … Continued

Hot Picks – The Wailin’ Jennys

It’s been said that a solid relationship can only exist between people who are already independently whole. So much the truer for a three-part-harmony vocal group. Fortunately, the Wailin’ Jennys, a folky trio whose music is far more lulling than … Continued

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The Wailin’ Jennys – 40 Days

The women of Winnipeg, Canada’s Wailin’ Jennys are like a cross between Irish songstresses The Corrs (not counting brother Jim) and the country-harmony-queen trio of Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt The women of Winnipeg, Canada’s Wailin’ Jennys are … Continued

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“Beautiful Dawn” – The Music Video

Hello all, Nicky here. I am in a public library in Seattle at the moment. I have been trying to stay on top of my email and my brother and I have also been trying to make sure we get … Continued

Hi again, Sorry to bother everyone so soon after the last message – you have all been so wonderful with your requests, we can’t believe how many of you already wrote in. We feel sheepish to say this but we … Continued