Oh the Lost Luggage 

Hi all,

We are back out on the road in northern BC and I am loving these drives. We have been warned repeatedly about how hazardous the roads are so I am being cautious, but you couldn’t ask for more brilliant scenery.

I’m also happy because I finally got my luggage – en route to Vancouver on the 5th, my suitcase decided to take a vacation to Ottawa with the help of a baggage handler who clearly needed another coffee that morning. It took 3 days and a rather frantic shopping trip in Prince Rupert to replace some clothes and eventually get my beloved case back. By the time it showed up it looked like it had been sent around the world. So far on this tour, we have had 7 pieces of luggage not make it to the proper destination on time. Yeesh. Better start carrying deodorant on me.

The shows have been great and we have had some wonderful audiences. We have had some incredible meals up here, too. I’ll try to get those up on the website as soon as possible. In the meantime, if anyone can suggest good places to eat in Vanderhoof, Houston, Merrit or Port Hardy, please let us know.

I think Ruth and Annabelle will be checking in shortly. Stay tuned!

~ Nicky