The Junos! 

Woah baby, the Junos! What a trip. What a joy to play on a stage for 13000 people. What a treat to get to know Nathan, The Waking Eyes and Fresh I.E., and to play with such gracious legends as Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings, riding on the incredible energy of rock and roll.

K.D. Lang sang so beautifully, so powerfully, she had our emotions all churning. It was a wonderful blast of soul food that will keep me going for a while.

And that was just the telecast. It’s been a mad week of festivities, performances and media. On friday before our show at the West End we stuffed ourselves at a dinner provided by the wonderful SOCAN. Ron Sexsmith was there but I was too starstruck to say hi.

I did have a nice non-verbal moment with the lovely Sarah Harmer at the party after the Gala event, as she gestured me towards the abundance of the free-flowing bar. I wasn’t ready to indulge yet though, had to have my head together for the telecast the following night! So I just smiled. I could have said hello, u rock, but didn’t. She seems very human and down to earth though. That was good for me to see. The hype machine of T.V. pumps the glamour of it all, makes people into momentary super-heroes, but really, we’re all so gosh dern human.

After the telecast we went to a party hosted by one of the big five record companys. I had a blast grooving with the kids from MARIA, and Nicky and I shared a nice dance with the charming Kieth Urban. At that point I was a bit less shy, in part thanks to some very fine single malt scotch provided by the company. I regretted the abundance on monday however. All those misdirected artist royalties contributed to one very nasty hang-over. Never again I say. And I’ve only ever said that maybe two or three times before.

Anyway, the Junos were a blast, Winnipeg was awesome and the celebration was welcome. My band-mates have worked hard, and I am so happy and proud of them, so glad to be able to jump in to help keep the ball rolling. When the win was announced my heart pounded so hard, the oxygen gushed through and every beat made me dizzy. I got all choked up.