Thundering Women 

Ah, the THUNDER! The festival in Thunder Bay this year was lovely. This is only the second year for Thundering Women, and as ever, Jen (the bent) Metcalfe managed to pull together a spectacular crew of ladies, and the inspiration and loving good vibes did toss themselves around abundantly. Leela Gilday from Yellowknife was a wonderful discovery. She had all of us swooning. She is a beautiful songwriter who seamlessly blends a unique modern style with Dene roots. Incredible voice, powerful messages, funny and damn sexy. Her in a workshop combo with Sweetwater women and the Mush-cow-zee-ek-we-wuk Drummers was a massive spirit lift. Great weekend. Tons of great performers. The journey to Thunder Bay is always a sweet one, and this festival of women is a gem to be celebrated and enjoyed by everyone. May it grow and grow. We have an incredible summer coming up. The festivals we are doing have us sharing the stage with many artists we love, artists whose recordings get multiple spins in our van as we criss-cross the nation. I am SO PUMPED!