Mexican Food, a New Tattoo, and Album Work 

We are on a plane on our way to Vancouver for our show at Capilano College. This will be the last show in western Canada for quite some time as we start recording the album in a week and then spend the next few months splitting time between the U.S., eastern Canada, the U.K. and Australia. Our itinerary is daunting but we are looking forward to starting work on the record. We have tried to find time on the road to rehearse new material and it has been exciting to hear things take shape. Lots of things to think about!

So some random thoughts and impressions about the last few months: lots of Mexican food in Indianapolis, off the highway on our way to Bloomington, Indiana and other places far from the Mexican border (someday we will visit our culinary homeland), catching a jaw-dropping set by Ruthie Foster at the Lotus Festival in Indiana, getting my Orca tattoo in Philadelphia after months of deliberation and debate with friends on the folk circuit, helping our producer David Travers-Smith choose the band for the album (just you wait!), having my partner Grant on the road as our tireless road manager/sound engineer/driver/schlepper (yay!), finding Chinese lessons in our fortune cookies in Cedar Rapids and teaching Grant how to call me his boss (Lao Bahn, I think? – he humoured me for a while), filling in for Loudon Wainwright in Chicago and adding our name to an autographed wall featuring Joni Mitchell and Bruce Cockburn, listening to Burton Cumming’s phone conversation at the Minneapolis airport (he’s not much of a quiet talker), finding a new and interesting piece of rotting produce in our van every day. Good times.

So after 5 days at home spent mostly on my computer with brief forays out to fail spectacularly at fishing and then catch The Arcade Fire in all their mulit-layered glory, I am back on an airplane. Still working on my invention to help stabilize people’s heads while they sleep on planes. Busy, busy, busy. Hope you are all well out there. We have met some great people out there at shows and we are grateful for your interest and enthusiasm. See you soon!

P.S. I wrote this entry before the show and had to wait to post it. Thanks so much to our incredible audience at Cap College. You made the night very memorable and we loved performing for you!

~ Nicky