Forced Shopping 

So much has been happening. This tour started off in St. Paul with two shows at the Fitzgerald theatre with ‘A Prairie Home Companion’. We flew from Toronto and unfortunately our favorite Canadian Airline lost Annabelle’s and my luggage again. In order to avoid performing in our sweats we made a 45 minute emergency trip to the mall. Thanks to Jill Brooksbank for the emotional management – forced shopping is not as enjoyable as one might think, and the Mall of America is a scary place. Each of us equipped with new pants and shoes, we made it back in time for soundcheck. It was a blast to be involved with the show once again and to get to know the crew a little better. What a great group of people. The first night was a non-broadcast event and it was a little more casual than what we’d experienced before. The second night was magical and electric and we were all nervous in that good way. Garrison Keillor taught us a pretty little old tune called ‘The Colorado Trail’ and we sang it on the show – with him taking the verses and us the chorus. I think it was my favorite moment in the whole show.

Later we gathered with friends and some of the folks from APHC to celebrate and ran into the parents of Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls who happened to be at the show and really enjoyed it. (Her parents, not Emily herself…) Annabelle’s grin was big. They were lovely. Much fun was had that night and somehow we managed to score a temporary endorsement deal in travel-size hotel toiletries (thanks Stephen J.). Sometimes it’s worth having over-weight baggage.

From Minneapolis we flew to Eugene, Oregon for another showcase. We’d heard great things about Eugene and we actually got a chance to explore a little. We ate some yummy food and stocked up on healthy snacks and groceries. The showcase went pretty well and I think even our agent, Mr. Herschel ‘let me make a suggestion’ Freeman, was happy. We ran into Po’ Girl who, unbeknownst to us, were showcasing at the same event. It was nice to see some familiar faces.

From Eugene we flew to Alaska, and have been here for the last five days. It is stunningly gorgeous here. On our first day we saw the tallest peak in North America, Mount McKinley (whose native and more respected name, we learned, is Denali), as clear as day, which, apparently, is a very rare thing! Usually it is hidden by clouds. Last night we got to enjoy the freshest oysters and halibut we’ve ever tasted. We are being taken care of by Mr. Mike Morgan, who was the force behind getting us up here in the first place and is now acting as road manager/tour-guide/provider of joyous vibes. Thank you Mike! The shows have been amazing, we can’t believe the love in the audiences up here and we are so grateful to have had this experience.

I have just boarded a flight heading to Seattle. One of the security-people saw our Anchorage show. I think that’s the first time that’s ever happened. I’m sure there are so many other things I could mention (Alaska, Alaska, Alaska!) but I think I’ll sign off now and post this as soon as I get some internet access. Thanks so much to everyone who has come out to support us on this tour. It’s been truly amazing and we are very lucky.