Poutine and Climate Care 

Sorry for the long gap between journal entries – we start off with such good intentions and then life takes over and our literary offerings wane. Just a little while ago we were in beautiful Montreal – Annabelle was literally bouncing off her seat in the car when we were approaching the Metropolis-like maze of highways leading into the city (only outdone by the crazy highway system of Duluth, MN). The show on Saturday night at La Sala Rossa was really wonderful – what an expressive and warm crowd! After an equally lovely show in Peterborough the night before, we weren’t sure how we were going to follow that evening but we were lucky once again to have a room full of enthusiastic people. Thanks to everyone who came out to both shows. Of course, the night had to be capped off with a plate of poutine so a few of us headed over to La Banquise. Jeremy Penner (one of Ruth’s old bandmates from Scruj) decided that cheese curds and gravy were an insufficent addition to the fries so he opted to throw some bacon, mushrooms and onions on top of that. Even I stop short of adding more grease to this traditional delicacy but Jeremy claimed it was delicious.

I am now back to Toronto finishing up some parts on the new record and then I fly home to Winnipeg. Yay! I am also getting very excited about our trip to the east coast of the U.S. I’ve never been to Boston and my time in NY was too short the last time I was there so 5 days will be great. Christmas in NY will be a site to behold and the idea of playing at the Town Hall at that time is pretty awe-inspiring.

By the way, if you have never checked out the “Links” page on our site, it can be found on the drop down menu under “Resources”. We add new links fairly regularly – sometimes it’s a new band we’ve discovered or an organization we support, and sometimes it’s gear we endorse or friends who are doing interesting things. We just added a new link to Climate Care. org. A long time ago, Cara brought up her concern with flying so much and the impact that flight travel has on the environment – we all shared these worries about climate change but were unsure of how to rectify this. Since we need to fly quite often, it has always been a somewhat unavoidable hit on the environment but after reading an issue of Utne Reader, we learned that there are organizations that offer ways of offsetting carbon expenditures. Many organizations (both for profit and not) now offer ways of calculating the carbon output of flights and drives and offer a way to balance that pollution by purchasing “carbon offsets”. Climate Care is one of those companies and starting January 2006, the Jennys will move one step closer to being “carbon neutral” – for every flight we take, we will purchase the equivalent amount of carbon offsets to make up for our air travel. Our money will go into funding either technology projects that reduce emissions at source or reforestation projects that sequester CO2 from the atmosphere. Examples of projects currently being undertaken by the organizations include disseminating efficient cooking stoves in Honduras , providing finance for renewable energy cooking stoves in schools in India and installing efficient lighting in households in South Africa. It’s a small way of trying to balance our energy consumption and I’m excited about all of the work this company is doing. We are going to keep trying to find ways to reduce our band’s “ecological footprint” so please let us know if you have any information you would like us to consider.

Well, time to get back to practicing.

~ Nicky.

See ya later!