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Hello everyone,

Exciting news abounds these days – we just got word that CMT is now playing our video for “Beautiful Dawn”! But as you may or may not know, CMT decides how often an independent video will run based on audience response. We know we’ve asked for your support in this regard before (and the response was fabulous!), but we are humbly asking again that people write in to CMT to request the video.

The link to the CMT Canada comments webform is : CMT Canada

Just click on “Connect”, choose “CMT Programming”, select “Show or Video Request” or “CMT Programs” and then write your email. You can mention that you know we have a video out and would like to see it or you can say that you saw it, loved and it and have to see it again! Just a suggestion…

Thank you so much for your interest and please know that all of your support helps the Jennys immeasurably. Cheers!