What's New 

Hi everyone,

We are on the road right now and we noticed that many of you have asked questions in the last few guestbook entries. To save some time and make sure your questions receive an answer, we’re going to answer some of them right here. Here we go:

1. Someone was wondering why “40 Days” is not on Itunes. Apparently, it is a little bit of a process to get an album up on Itunes but our trusty management is on the case. Hopefully we’ll see the songs on there soon.

2. We are so happy to hear that so many of you would like us to come perform in your home town. If you don’t see a show listed on the “On Stage” page for your area (please remember to scroll through the pages by clicking on the numbers under the list of shows), let us know where you are. And if you are so inclined, if you know of a suitable venue in your city, you can always call them up and request our presence. Venues love to hear that people are willing to come support an out of town act. And if they’ve never heard of us, then they will through you! Many of you are familiar with our aim to conquer the world, so please know that we are trying to visit every place we can!

3. We have had many requests for chords/tablatures and songbooks for the songs on “40 Days.” We regret that we haven’t had time to put a songbook together and that we don’t have sheet music available online. Right now we are actually working on the new album (hopefully due out in the spring), but we will try to answer the call for chords if we have a break – that may not be for quite a while. Hopefully you can all muddle through the process by ear til then. I might try to con a friend into helping us get this going. Stay tuned.

We hope to have new journal entries up very soon as well as new photos and video so check back often. Thank you so much for your kind and enthusiastic comments. It only takes a few minutes with our guestbook to give us a good blast of energy. Thank you!