New England and a New GPS 

I’m a bad jenny. I sometimes write journal entries and forget to post them. I did that recently. It’s out of date now but I will dig it up, and post it in the next couple of days.

At the moment we are flying from Boston to Chicago after spending 10 days in New England, playing shows, eating seafood and soaking up the autumn colours. We have our friend Jen Metcalf (the only real Jenny) with us doing some road managing and being her delightful charming self. Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving which is always kind of a tough time to be away from home – a feeling we’ve been having to get used to of late. I spent it with the lovely parents of my good friend Aoife O’Donovan (from amazing chamber bluegrass – that just came to me – outfit ‘Crooked Still’. Check them out they are HOT). Mashed squash, roast potatoes and pumpkin pie were consumed, guitars were passed around, and washers and dryers spun overtime. Thanks Brian and Lindsay, you are the sweetest people ever and I appreciate so much that you took me in this past weekend. I feel very much rejuvenated and ready for the next leg.

Other highlights of the tour: Seeing Rose Polanzani perform at the Oktoberfest Passim outdoor stage right before we played, (with Jennifer Kimball no less! Nicky was beaming), playing at the Iron Horse in Northampton with the talented Ruth Unger and Michael Merenda, exploring the Whaling museum in New Bedford, the trees on the drive to Lebanon New Hampshire, the Lebanon Opera House, bonding with our new GPS system and discovering the miracle of driving around Boston without getting lost, receiving health food store treats from Michael Kanter at the Passim show (thanks Michael!), the Passim show audiences themselves, and being on the receiving end of violent outbursts from cops on a regular basis.

More soon from the past and the future,