Hello from Whitefish, MT 

Not much to report except that we are in Whitefish, Montana, and we have a day off! It’s rare that we find ourselves with a day where we are not traveling or playing, and it’s always a good opportunity to recharge our batteries. Things like exercise and laundry and phoning our parents all get put on the back burner when we are on the road, but we get a chance to do all these things on days like this.

It is so beautiful here in the mountains. I just went for a blissful walk, and I’m trying to remember which trees are spruce and which are pines, wondering if it’s too late to learn to ski, and thinking I should watch Brokeback Mountain again. There is a fireplace here at the lodge where we are staying. And movies. Free ones. Oh I’m in heaven.

It’s been a good tour so far. Bellingham was a treat, if a little frantic due to the traffic on the way from the airport and the delays that ensued. But it made for good energy, I think, because the show turned out really well. We finished the night by sampling (if having two full bowls and drinking from the carton can be called sampling) our friend Jamie Weber’s homemade ice cream!! It was magical – he makes it with only four ingredients: milk, cream, eggs, and maple syrup. He is a genius. Thanks Jamie. (Jamie helped organize the Bellingham show.) Grant joined us the next day for the Renton, Forest Grove, and Spokane shows, and it’s been great to have him back at the soundboard again. I got to see my old friends from Louisiana, Jane and Steve, in Forest Grove. I haven’t seen them since the Scruj days. Unbeknownst to me they recently moved to Portland, and Steve happened to be playing in Forest Grove, four blocks away from where we were playing, on the very same night. What a tiny world this is. Good times. It was also nice to hook up with Jess Byers that night, and other sweet folks that we hung out with at the fabulous Pickathon festival last summer (thanks for the wine Zoe!). And last but not least, we’ve been very lucky to have our sweet friend Mike Morgan with us, all the way from Alaska. He met us at the Seattle airport on and accompanied us all the way to Whitefish. He left us early this morning while we were sleeping, and is now on his way back to Seattle to catch his flight home. He helped us tremendously and is always such a positive presence. Safe travels Mike. We’re on our way to Salmon next…here on the fish tour. Only a few days left until we fly over to the East side of the country again.

~ Ruth

That’s it for now,