Home for the Holidays 

Happy Solstice everyone! It seems we are surfacing…

After three months of touring we are home for the holidays. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the Canadian and U.S. dates – we feel so incredibly lucky to be able to do what we do and to have the support of fans like you.

I have to admit it’s been nice to sleep in my own bed again and rediscover some of the simple pleasures of life at home. Things you just can’t find on the road. Spaghetti with butter, for example. My Mum’s pavlova. OK, I guess I should try and think of something that is not food-related. Bonding with Lyle, my sister’s cat – there is something I definitely have not been able to do in the last 3 months. He is sitting beside me now as I write this, and I am filled with joy.

I’ve also been able to catch up on a few movies since I got home, and while I think of it, I highly recommend ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. It’s a very important documentary about global warming and the state of our planet. It is alarming, for sure, but it is also very insightful and provides suggestions for ways in which we can make a difference at home and in our daily lives. You can also check out

That’s it for now. There will be new pictures up on the Jennys website very soon, so stay tuned!

Happy Holidays,