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Hey everyone,

The Jennys need you! Please call your local country radio stations and request “Things That You Know” and call your local A/C or AAA stations and request “Begin.” Let them know that you want to hear The Wailin’ Jennys. Help get independent music on the airwaves!

We’ve been getting great response from radio across Canada, the U.S., and beyond. Firecracker has hit the CMJ charts and is already in rotation at some of the best stations, on satellite radio, and on the internet and podcasts. Thanks to all of you who’ve been tuning in and helping to make the album a success.

Thanks again to all of you who’ve been leaving incredible messages in the guestbook and on the MySpace page. The Jennys are busy on the road and can’t often respond, but they always make time to read every word.

Thank you,

~Jennys Web Team