The Pretour Frantic Dash 

Ahhhhhh! We’re gearing up to hit the road and are quickly running out of time as we frantically dash around doing laundry, packing, practicing… So much has happened in the last while and this will be a wee update but I will say that we had an absolute blast working up the new show and are really excited to hit the stage on Thursday night, with some new tunes and a few surprises, too. It’s been quite a month: lots of playing, lots of future planning (we’ll be letting you know about some exciting developments very soon), a photo shoot with the fabulous Art Turner, and a trip to Saskatoon for the Junos, which, despite the prominent corporate overtones, were fun and provided a nice opportunity to catch up with old friends and hang with some of the Manitoba folks we rarely have a chance to see. I also had a trip down memory-lane last month in the form of a Scruj MacDuhk reunion (which, believe me, doesn’t happen everyday): we all got together for four days and drove out to a Casino near Carlisle, Saskatchewan, on St Patrick’s day, and performed one show as ‘The Red River All Stars’. The night was filled with lots of laughs and a few nostalgic tears, and we played the old tunes (and some new ones) as if our lives depended on it. In some ways it seems like a dream now, but I’ve got the pictures to prove it, and the sound of 300 slot machines all going at once forever burned in my memory. (The casino is in the key of C, in case anyone is wondering). Anyway, it was great fun and there’s talk of doing it again next year — you never know!

OK, that’s it for now, just wanted to say a quick hello before we hit the road.

Montana, here we come!

~ Ruth.