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The Jennys are home for the holidays, but you can still catch their music over the airwaves…

Jennys Live from XM15 Studios
On December 22 at 8pm EST and December 26 at 2am EST, fans can catch an acoustic Jennys performance in the XM Satellite Radio studios. Special to Jennys fans: go to friends.xmradio.com and then enter “MarySue.Twohy@xmradio.com”. You can get three months free subscription with a six month commitment through 12/31/07.

Jennys on CKUA
Check out the broadcast of a recent Jennys performance on Alberta’s great CKUA from 8-9pm on December 28.

Jennys’ Winnipeg Show on CBC Radio 2
The Jennys’ October 14 performance at the Pantages Playhouse in Winnipeg will be broadcast on Canada Live at CBC Radio 2 on January 9, 2008.