Florida, Prairie Home Companion, and the Monster Flu 

Hi all,

We just spent four days in Tallahassee, Florida. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show last night – our first ever in Florida. ‘All y’all’ were fantastic and we can’t wait to come down south again – particularly if it’s winter, which it most definitely is here in Minneapolis, where we just landed. We are all getting ready for two shows with A Prairie Home Companion, which promises to be an exciting and unpredictable affair as usual, I am sure. It’s been nine months since we were last on the show and we’re so looking forward to being reunited with some of our favourite people and musicians. Tune in on Saturday for the broadcast!

It’s been an interesting tour so far. Despite balmy weather in Alaska, British Columbia, and Florida, we haven’t managed to avoid getting sick with whatever monster flu has been making it’s way around the world. It has certainly made its rounds in this band – twice. Only Grant and Jeremy have remained untouched. Does this mean that cheeseburgers really are good for the immune system? Luckily there was an amazing natural food store just minutes away from our hotel in Tallahassee, and Nicky, Heather and I single-handedly supported them for four days, stocking up on enough vitamins, herbs, and natural remedies to last a lifetime. I think we are coming to the end of it now. And I’m sure we are past the contagious stage, for any of you that just thought twice about coming to see us next week in Illinois or Kansas.

It’s an early night tonight. Here’s hoping that with some good rest and some healing energy from the universe our voices will mend themselves and be ready for tomorrows and Saturday’s shows.
Thanks so much for all your beautiful guestbook comments. We feel so lucky to have such amazing fans. Lots of love right back to you all from the Jennys and ‘Wailin’ Jeremy’.