Springtime in Winnipeg and European Tour 


Well, it’s May and we’re finally getting some nice weather here in Winnipeg. Unfortunately I’m spending it indoors getting ready for the next tour, but my windows are wide open and it feels like Spring is really here this time.

We’ve had about 10 days at home and we’re starting to feel like semi- normal human beings again. Last tour was quite the whirlwind: 7 shows in 6 days on the East Coast and then California, Oregon and Washington in a week and a half. Some highlights: convoying with our pal Heather Stewart for the three California shows, tanning our white legs by the hotel pool in Lancaster, working up ‘Tiptoe through the Tulips’ in the van and sending it out to our friend Jamie Weber in Mount Vernon, shopping/returning at Anthropologie (yes, I have a problem), the audience in Portland, having Laura Cortese and Aoife O’Donovan open for us at the Birchmere, playing (and eating!) at the Tripple Door in Seattle, hangin’ with Heather’s awesome peeps in New York city and Portland, the Rhododendron Cafe for breakfast in Bow, Washington, and the organic cheese farm up the road (samish bay cheese, yum!), and seeing Tony Scherr play on our night off in Seattle. Nicky got to hang out with her friend Kyra and Grant got to drool over vintage guitars and basses in LA. Heather and I made spirulina-super-salads and agave-almond-treats in the van, and the rest of the gang indulged us by sampling our concoctions and forgave us when the van started to smell like compost. Jeremy continued to enlighten us on the subject of mando strings, airline policies, and the ways of the world, providing non-stop entertainment as usual. Oh, and he played some mean fiddle.

We’re off to Europe in a couple of days and this tour sees us playing in Ireland and Holland for the first time. Can’t wait! I’ve dreamed of going to Ireland since I was a kid and I can’t believe it’s finally happening.

Thanks again for all your support, it has been an amazing year of touring so far. Plans for the next album are starting to come together and we’ll keep you posted as they solidify!

See you soon,