Updates On Our Sabatical and Live Album 

Hi everyone!

Although we miss performing for you all we are relishing this time at home, reconnecting with our loved-ones and our creative selves. We thought we’d let you know what we are all up to. On the Jennys front, next month we will be digging into the live recordings we did in Jim Thorpe, Pensylvania and will let you know what we find! We also wanted to let you know that we finally have sheet music for the Jennys’ arrangement of ‘The Parting Glass’ and it will be available on the website under Music & Store, along with ‘Arlington’ and ‘One Voice’. Stay tuned!

To find out what all the Jennys have been up to, check out some updates below. If you want to stay informed about each member on a regular basis, head over to the links page on the website and you’ll find everyone’s websites and MySpace pages.

Heather is performing regularly in NY with her band Heather and the Barbarians as well as with many other varied projects. She has plans to record a solo record in January at Red Rock Recording Studios with Kent Heckman (the amazing engineer that recorded a live Jennys show in Jim Thorpe, PA in August). Heather and some of the members of the band will be doing a short tour in the Northwest in December with the help of our good friend Jess Byers. Heather is also releasing an ep in the next few months called Many Moons, a dreamy duo album with pianist Jed Wilson that includes a couple of Heather’s original songs and as the title suggests, songs about moons. She’s enjoying some nice quality time with her sweetheart and getting accustomed to the bright lights and fishy smells of her Chinatown home.

Ruth is happy to be off the road for the first time in ten years. She has been enjoying living minutes away from her favourite organic grocery store, experimenting with winter soup recipes, and doing lots of yoga. She is spending most of her creative time writing and preparing new songs for her first full-length solo CD, which will be recorded in the spring of 2009. More details to come. She is also involved in the ‘Praetorius project’ with Camerata Nova, which will be the Winnipeg premiere of the glorious Praetorious mass. This will be the first (and likely the only) time Ruth will ever be heard singing solo in German, accompanied by a lute. In the New Year, Ruth will keep her musical interests balanced with some old-time banjo studies in Toronto with Chris Coole, and some special appearances with her old band-mates Jeremy Penner and Oliver Swain. For now, keep an eye out for brand new songs from Ruth on her Myspace and Facebook pages.

Nicky (and her partner Grant, the Jennys’ sound engineer) are happy to be hanging out in their house with their two cats after an epic road trip that took them across Western Canada, down to L.A. and back. Since then, Nicky has been busy working in different capacities as a mentor and consultant to other musicians through Manitoba Music, a non-profit organization that fosters the development of the local music industry. At the moment, she’s getting ready for a performance and a stint as a judge with the Winnipeg International Centre’s musical showcase for new immigrants. After many years of traveling around the globe, she’s excited to be involving herself as a volunteer with different community-based organizations on a regular basis. Nicky is also looking forward to taking some drum lessons with local drummer Daniel Roy and writing some new songs (and maybe finally updating her website!). In the meantime, she’s taking tai chi, has joined her very first book club and is generally feeling the creative juices flowing!

(Wailin’) Jeremy
In September, Jeremy and his wife, Erin, embarked on a three week road-trip along the West Coast, from Vancouver all the way to Jalama Beach, California, and back. It was a trip filled with spectacular views, great camping, and of course, amazing wine-tasting in the Napa region! Since October, Jeremy has been working on writing new instrumental old-time-influenced tunes, as well as exploring new musical collaborations. He has also been spotted working out and eating healthily, as he needs to deal with the residual effects of life on the road (at least how he experiences it)!

That’s all for now but please stay tuned to the website for more information.

Have a lovely holiday season,