Midway Through the Rockies 

We are hanging out in Denver right now after a sold-out show last night to a truly amazing crowd. What took us so long???

It’s been a great first visit to Colorado so far, complete with amazing food, stunning scenery, and two very restorative days off in the picturesque ski-town of Crested Butte. After lots of big talk about skiing and snowboarding, most of us just rested up and caught up on work while we were there. But we did all get to check out the town and some of us (whose stomachs could handle it) ate fish tacos and drank margaritas at a sweet little Mexican restaurant called Teocalli Tamale. During the day, no less. Not something you’ll see us do every day, but hey, sometimes it feels right.

We also made dinner and had a belated celebration for our new record release. It’s so rare that we have access to a kitchen so we went nuts and made bacon wrapped dates, a big hearty salad, and scallion potato pancakes (which were lovingly prepared by Heather, who also made apple cinnamon pancakes for desert, because one kind of pancake per meal is just not enough). We would have celebrated on the big release day but we were in the middle of a 17 hour drive from Billings to Crested Butte and still recovering from a nasty and debilitating stomach virus that swept through our travelling party and put several of us in the hospital. Our bus-driver Gene is a hero. So are Nicky and Grant for getting themselves and their boys through this illness (with the help of our amazing road-angel, Tracy).

Thanks to the illness it’s been a somewhat challenging tour so far, but we are kept going by your encouraging words and loving messages and we are continually amazed and grateful to see so many of you at the shows. Special thanks to all of you in Billings who were able to come out to the rescheduled show last Monday, and apologies once again to those who couldn’t. We have not had to cancel a show in the nine years we’ve been together and we hated to have to do it last weekend. Thank you all for being so understanding, and then some.

We have three more shows here in this uncharted territory for us that is Colorado: Loveland, Aspen and Durango. Then we finish off this leg of the tour with a return to Albuquerque, where we haven’t been for four years. New Mexico in February is just fine by us.

It’s wonderful to finally have Bright Morning Stars out in the world.

~ ruth