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The Trio Turn in Their Most Polished Disc to Date – UK

By Keith Hargreaves

Five years in the making, Bright Morning Stars is a highly anticipated follow up to the Jenny’s 2006 offering ‘Firecracker’. Expanding on the broad palette of that disc, BMS opens with the understated soul of ‘Swing Low Sail High’ and then steps out into the glorious space that inhabits track 2 ‘All The Stars’ – a wistful delicate hymn that delights as much in what is not heard as what is.

A gorgeously plucked ukulele providing a mysterious and entrancing musical bed; Track 3 continues the delicacy and sense of restraint. ‘Bird song’ sees the girls wrapping their harmonies and vocal circle games round the perfectly produced notes. There is passion and melancholy here in spades. These girls sing with a precision that belies the depth of emotion coursing through the songs. Even the flat out gospel lite of ‘Storm Comin’’ has that vocal clarity that is a trademark of this album. The listener can pick out each singer and follow her vocal line throughout the song.

The title track is highlight with it’s acapella take on an Appalachian hymn. This really is like hearing clear water spilling down a mountainside. Pure and unadulterated. This may not be on the radar for many Americana fans but this reviewer would urge you to listen. If you do; you will hear something beautiful.