CD Reviews 

The Wailin’ Jennys 

No Depression

By Kim Ruehl

I love the Wailin’ Jennys, and this record – from the first few notes – plays to all the things that make this trio so lovable. Beautiful, intuitive but rich harmonies, simple instrumentation, shockingly personal lyrics… indeed, the record begins with the lyrics, “I have failed you…but I love you.” Ouch. I think.

This isn’t going to be a mind-changing album for anyone. It doesn’t reach in under-explored directions. There’s nothing about these songs, at least at first listen, which could be called “artistically surprising” (something I admittedly tend to seek out). But, the songs are just pretty. The vocals are just beautiful, and the instrumentation is just hypnotizing at times (pedal steel on “All the Stars”). Sixth song test…”Mona Louise” is a beautiful love song. “I’m gonna sing, til my feet turn blue / I’ll sing loud enough to go through / the mountains to you…” In fact, this record is so lovely, it might put you right to sleep. Row out to the middle of a lake and put these songs in your earbuds. There’s that much solace here.