The Decade of The Wailin’ Jennys 

Written by Nicky Mehta for the Red House Records Blog

The Wailin' Jennys 

It’s hard to believe we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary as a band, and yet, there’s so much to look back on, so much of which to be proud. I’m proud that we’ve thrived as an independent band for this long, working at a grassroots level with other smaller organizations (our agents and labels – yay, Red House!) and proud that we’ve worked hard to produce music that is true to our hearts. That our music has been embraced so lovingly by our fans all these years is such a thrill.

During the last decade, we’ve seen much of the world, had the great fortune of playing alongside musical heroes (Roseanne Cash, Bruce Cockburn, Bruce Hornsby, Jerry Douglas, to name a few exciting examples) and become better writers and musicians along the way. We’ve learned from each other all the way along and learned how to weave our different styles together to bring out all of their individual strengths – it’s an ongoing process as we all mature as singers, writers and players. I think we could all say that we’ve made each other grow and challenged each other to move outside our comfort zones. Being in this group has brought a wealth of experience and learning opportunities that I might have missed as a solo artist and it’s been a significant journey for me.

I think what has also been profoundly significant for all of us are the stories our audiences tell us. People thank us for staying after shows to sign CDs but we hardly think of it as a sacrifice. It’s there that we hear about the various ways our music impacts our fans, helps them deal with loss, gives them joy and inspires them to create in their own lives. Considering that we all do this for a living in part to help and connect with others, this feedback means so much to us, it inspires and energizes us. Writing and performing is important to us all, but I think that our fans’ stories are part of the creative equation. Ten years later, time spent communicating with our fans is every bit as important as it was in the beginning.

So what’s next? Well, stay tuned! Part of what makes a band successful and ensures longevity is allowing for all members to be creative and fulfilled outside of the band’s parameters. That means solo albums and tours, family life and rest. So that’s what we’re doing and soon we’ll come together and map out the future as best we can. We thank everyone for being here with us these last ten years and we invite you all to keep an eye on our website for news of the next chapter!

~Nicky Mehta of The Wailin’ Jennys