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The Jennys and NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) 

Hey everyone,
We’re very excited and and happy to let you know that we will once again be partnering with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) for the upcoming tour dates! Starting in February, the fine people at NAMI will join us at our shows where we will raffle off Jennys merchandise and devote all proceeds to this much-needed organization.
The money will go towards everything from providing nation-wide education about mental illness and its treatment, to funding courses and programs designed to support those living with these disorders and their loved ones.
As a band, we are looking forward to helping raise awareness of mental illnesses and the discrimination against those who are afflicted by them. As much as we are working to raise funds for NAMI, we are hoping – through talking openly and without reserve on stage – to help legitimize illnesses of the brain as diseases that deserve the compassionate care and attention afforded to other maladies that affect the body.
You all have been so wonderfully supportive of our work with NAMI in the past and have given generously to this underfunded and deeply important organization. We hope you continue to feel that this is an important agency we’re supporting and join us in championing it.
For more information about NAMI, please visit:
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