We drove like maniacs from Chico to get to an early interview in Watsonville (Santa Cruz), had a fabulous time at KPIG and then met up with everyone from the station at this Mexican restaurant. Much to the detriment of our waistlines, every time we head south, we start pining for burritos – this place did not disappoint. Of course, by the time the main course came, we were stuffed on the complimentary chips and salsa. And since we have no equivalent in Winnipeg (and I dare say that I’ve never experience salsa in Canada like the stuff we find in the southwest US), it’s hard to turn it down. Nicky swears she is just going to start eating the salsa like soup to avoid the chip overload. We’ll let you know how that works for her.

We recommend the guacamole which is made fresh at your table.



618 Main Street

831 728 9080