The Cake Eaters and Solo Performances

Since The Jennys have a page on their website dedicated entirely to food, having a song featured in a movie called The Cake Eaters seems entirely appropriate. You can hear “Begin,” off Firecracker, in the new movie directed by award-winning … Continued

Live Album Update, Search for Live Photos, and New Merchandise

Hi everyone, We hope that signs of spring are just around the corner in everyone’s hometown and that you’ve all made it through the winter in good spirits. We’ve been busy making plans for the next year and we’re excited … Continued

“Calling All Angels” Available for Purchase

Hello everyone, We hope everyone is getting ready for a little R&R over the holidays and gathering close to family and friends. We Jennys have been enjoying home ourselves but we’ve also been working on a little something. We’re happy … Continued

Updates On Our Sabatical and Live Album

Hi everyone! Although we miss performing for you all we are relishing this time at home, reconnecting with our loved-ones and our creative selves. We thought we’d let you know what we are all up to. On the Jennys front, … Continued

Tour Wrap-Up and A Break

Hello! It’s hard to believe the summer is over. We toured almost the whole way through, playing in New England, California, Montana, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New England again, and then Oregon, where we ended this year’s touring at the Sister’s … Continued

Springtime in Winnipeg and European Tour

Hello! Well, it’s May and we’re finally getting some nice weather here in Winnipeg. Unfortunately I’m spending it indoors getting ready for the next tour, but my windows are wide open and it feels like Spring is really here this … Continued

Returning to the Road

Once again, the time is nigh for our return to the road. Taxes are done, to-do lists are dotted mercifully with check marks, and the relentless pursuit of packing perfection is in high gear. I am quite satisfied with our … Continued

Florida, Prairie Home Companion, and the Monster Flu

Hi all, We just spent four days in Tallahassee, Florida. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show last night – our first ever in Florida. ‘All y’all’ were fantastic and we can’t wait to come down south again … Continued

Back to the Road – Alaska, the Midwest, Florida, and More!

Hi everyone, Nicky here. We are in the middle of the usual scramble of the last pre-tour week, running myriad errands, making millions of phone calls, discovering that faulty instrument cases can not, in fact, be fixed before the tour, … Continued

Lloyd Cole, Crowded House, and Heart – The Live Show Trifecta

Hey all, Wow, it’s been a loooong time since I checked in. What a crazy few months this has been, but a great time nonetheless. We’ve covered some serious ground with much time spent in the U.S., another trip to … Continued