I Saw Star Strewn Space and Bruce Cockburn

“Stood before the Shaman, I saw star strewn space” ~ Bruce Cockburn We got on stage as night was falling, the hill in front of us emerged as a sky of candle constellations that swayed in the night. The music … Continued

If I Had A Rocking Lawnchair

Well, I’ve done it again and allowed too much time to elapse between my journal entries and now so much has happened that I am almost rendered mute with the wealth of it all. Where should I start? How about … Continued

Guitars Guitars Guitars

Holy toledo, a lot has happened in the last 3 weeks. An amazing rhubarb tour, Television pushing us into the public eye, affirmations from famous people who like our stuff… and for me, guitars, guitars, guitars. It started at Kate … Continued

Touring Australia and Finishing a Record

There are parts of Australia that feel like they ought to be the wild west, scrubby wide fields and cows, little towns with painted signs. And then there is the collosal grandeur we recently witnessed on a jaunt along the … Continued

Farewell to A Beloved Bodhran and Thank You UK

We’re just home from our UK tour. Wow, what a trip. I had a depressing start on this one as my beloved bodhran got left in a cab in New York City (I still can’t bring myself to use the … Continued

P.S A number of people have written about wanting the sheet music for ‘One Voice’ so I thought I’d mention that it will be available very soon through the website. Thanks!

Introducing the Newest Member of the Traffor Library

Hello everyone, I am proud to say that I am now a member of the Trafford Library in Hale, Manchester – apparently there is no internet cafe in town so this was the next best thing. Plus, I can get … Continued

Town Hall & A Prairie Home Companion

A Prairie Home Companion high we are all on. Town Hall! New York! It was our fourth time with the show, and the cast and crew are starting to feel like old friends. They are so supportive, and so inspiring … Continued

Poutine and Climate Care

Sorry for the long gap between journal entries – we start off with such good intentions and then life takes over and our literary offerings wane. Just a little while ago we were in beautiful Montreal – Annabelle was literally … Continued

Forced Shopping

So much has been happening. This tour started off in St. Paul with two shows at the Fitzgerald theatre with ‘A Prairie Home Companion’. We flew from Toronto and unfortunately our favorite Canadian Airline lost Annabelle’s and my luggage again. … Continued