New Album

We are about to start recording our new record! The process should take us through the winter, as we tour/record/tour/record our way along. And, you never know quite how long it will take, as the details involved are really quite … Continued

Mexican Food, a New Tattoo, and Album Work

We are on a plane on our way to Vancouver for our show at Capilano College. This will be the last show in western Canada for quite some time as we start recording the album in a week and then … Continued

Questionable Sunflower Seed Pate

Hello, Well it’s definitely my turn for a journal entry. Funnily enough I used to be an avid diary-writer as a kid, but apparently it takes more effort these days. Still, I promised my friend Larry I’d write entries more … Continued

A Brief Note about a Pink Briefcase

P.S I almost forgot to mention, Annabelle is now traveling with a pink briefcase. She says it’s lightweight. I just thought that was noteworthy. ~ Ruth

Mourning The Gulf States

I woke up yesterday morning in St. Paul by the north end of the Mississippi, went for a brief walk before catching my flight home to Montreal. Prairie Home companion was joyful, as ever, but intense with the awareness of … Continued

New Jennys Material and An Amazing Summer of Music

It’s been a while since we have written a journal entry and we’re already almost halfway through the summer. We’re hanging out in Calgary right now working on new material for the album and we’re getting very excited about the … Continued

Thundering Women

Ah, the THUNDER! The festival in Thunder Bay this year was lovely. This is only the second year for Thundering Women, and as ever, Jen (the bent) Metcalfe managed to pull together a spectacular crew of ladies, and the inspiration … Continued

A Prairie Home Companion

We are currently flying to Toronto from Minneapolis, where we have a quick stop-over before heading out to Vancouver. As much as we always love going to BC, we are a little sad to be leaving the States this time, … Continued

The Junos!

Woah baby, the Junos! What a trip. What a joy to play on a stage for 13000 people. What a treat to get to know Nathan, The Waking Eyes and Fresh I.E., and to play with such gracious legends as … Continued

SXSW Report

Hey all, We’re back from SXSW and happy to report that we had a fabulous time and a successful showcase. The Austin Chronicle chose us as a pick of the festival so we actually had a lineup down the block … Continued