Hello from Alberta

Hi everyone, Sorry for the gap in journal entries – we are now in Calgary taking a bit of a breather with our friends Jon and Jodi Ouellette. We just enjoyed three great shows in Kamloops, McBride and Spruce Grove. … Continued

Clotted Cream, We Love You

*Ruth wrote this on February 5th while we were in England. Today we discovered clotted cream. It’s a specialty here in Devon, UK. The name says it all – as in the way my arteries feel. We had it on … Continued

Welcoming Annabelle and Hello England

* This was written on January 21st. I’m on the plane from Winnipeg to Toronto. Nicky and I will pick up Annabelle in a couple of hours in Toronto and drive to Lakefield, for the first of two shows in … Continued

Highlights from the UK

Hey everyone, Well, we’re back from the UK and getting ready to embark on some more touring through Canada and the States. We’re sorry we weren’t able to write a journal entry while we were in England but we actually … Continued

Crossing the Pond

Heya Everybody! We’re going to ENGLAND tomorrow! YAY! I think joining Ruth and Nicky in The Wailin’ Jennys is the smartest choice I’ve made in a while. These ladies are taking me places! Not only are they great musicians and … Continued

Oh the Lost Luggage

Hi all, We are back out on the road in northern BC and I am loving these drives. We have been warned repeatedly about how hazardous the roads are so I am being cautious, but you couldn’t ask for more … Continued

A New Jenny

Hello everyone, We have some exciting news to report – we have found our new Jenny! After a busy, sometimes overwhelming but often delightful search, we are happy to announce that Annabelle Chvostek is our new member. We auditioned so … Continued

Saying Goodbye

Hello everyone, Many of you have likely noticed that the site has not been updated very frequently lately – we’re sorry we haven’t been in touch. It’s come time to let everyone know that Cara has decided to leave the … Continued

Western Canadian Music Awards

Hi all, I am in beautiful Victoria at the moment and I am writing this in the lobby of the Strathcona Hotel. I have about a half an hour before we are due for a TV interview so I thought … Continued


Hey everyone Cara here. We just returned home from our tour in the States and I am definitely ready for a long nap! 🙂 I think I drove the L.A. freeways a bit much the past few days (heeeeeh)… I … Continued