One Voice Sheet Music 

One Voice Sheet Music – PDF Format Only

‘One Voice’ sheet music is a three-part version (SSA), written as it is sung by the Jennys. It includes the guitar chords as well as an optional piano accompaniment. The price for the full score with piano accompaniment is $6.00 USD. If it is being performed by a choir with an accompanist then Ruth asks that two copies be bought. Additional copies of the vocal score (intended for choirs) are $0.75 USD. Both the full score and the vocal score are available in the form of a digital PDF file, which will be emailed upon receipt of payment.

There is also an Orff arrangement available. The arrangement is by Marcelline Moody. There is also a children’s choir vocal score available for purchase along with the Orff arrangement. Note: The arrangement has been transposed to F major from D major to better suit children’s voices. The price for the Orff arrangement is $10.00. Additional copies of the vocal score (intended for children’s choirs) are $0.75.

Both the full Orff arrangement and the vocal scores are available in the form of a digital PDF file. Ruth asks that the honour system be respected, and that each copy printed from the digital files be paid for.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an automated system, so please allow up to 48 hours for your music to arrive via email. Also, we find that some spam/junk filters trap the emails, so please check your folders.

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1 Full Score Performer Copy of One Voice (SSA)

2 Full Score Choir Copies of One Voice (SSA)

1 Additional Vocal Score of One Voice (SSA)

One Voice Orff Arrangement

Children’s Vocal Score (to accompany Orff arrangement)