Hello everyone We are back from NY where we had a great time performing on A Prairie Home Companion and shooting photos for our upcoming album with our good friend (and ace photographer and fingerstyle guitarist) Art Turner. It was … Continued

Town Hall & A Prairie Home Companion

A Prairie Home Companion high we are all on. Town Hall! New York! It was our fourth time with the show, and the cast and crew are starting to feel like old friends. They are so supportive, and so inspiring … Continued

Hey all, We’re just about to head down to Boston for some shows on the beautiful east coast. Please check the tour dates page for more information. Then we’ll be flying to New York to perform on A Prairie Home … Continued

Poutine and Climate Care

Sorry for the long gap between journal entries – we start off with such good intentions and then life takes over and our literary offerings wane. Just a little while ago we were in beautiful Montreal – Annabelle was literally … Continued

Hi everyone, We are all at home right now but getting ready to go back out to Ontario for some shows and more time in the studio in Toronto – we will also be making a stop in Annabelle’s beloved … Continued

Forced Shopping

So much has been happening. This tour started off in St. Paul with two shows at the Fitzgerald theatre with ‘A Prairie Home Companion’. We flew from Toronto and unfortunately our favorite Canadian Airline lost Annabelle’s and my luggage again. … Continued

Hi everyone, We’re in beautiful Lanesboro, MN at the moment and we just had a fabulous show – thank you to everyone who attended and made it such a great evening. Your singing was truly lovely – such good sports! … Continued

Hi everyone, We are in Toronto right now working hard on the record – at the moment, we’re preparing to lay down more bass, drum and guitar parts and we are very excited about our fabulous band (we kidnapped some … Continued

New Album

We are about to start recording our new record! The process should take us through the winter, as we tour/record/tour/record our way along. And, you never know quite how long it will take, as the details involved are really quite … Continued

Mexican Food, a New Tattoo, and Album Work

We are on a plane on our way to Vancouver for our show at Capilano College. This will be the last show in western Canada for quite some time as we start recording the album in a week and then … Continued