Art City – Winnipeg, MB
“Art City is a community art centre offering free high quality art programs to people of all ages.” This is an excellent organization that can always use support. Please check it out.

Art Turner
Art is a great friend of ours, a fabulous finger-style guitarist and he is also responsible for our new promo shots.

Bluegrass Music Association of Central Canada
BMACC is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Bluegrass and Olde Tyme Music throughout Central Canada. Our goals are to support individuals, groups and organizations involved in Bluegrass and Olde Tyme music. As well as provide leadership and promote education among fans, clubs, bands and artists.

Cara Luft
Cara is a founding member of the Jennys and is now pursuing her solo career. Check out her upcoming shows.

Collings Guitars
These purveyors of some of the finest acoustic instruments around are mighty cool people, too! Ruth’s brand new guitar is a Collings and she raves about both the guitar and the excellent service that this Texas-based company provides. We’ve salivated over their guitars in the past (and are now very happy to be endorsing them) and once you hear Ruth’s baby, you’ll understand why.

Democracy Now!
“Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program airing on over 350 stations in North America…For true democracy to work, people need easy access to independent, diverse sources of news and information.” Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez host this informative and vital program.

Eliza Gilkyson
Red House Records label-mate Eliza is one of our favourite singer-songwriters, a kick-ass woman and someone with a lot of important things to say. You’ll be blown away.

Girl Power Groups
Girl Power is an educational, skill-building and creative group designed to introduce girls ages 9-12 to concepts and skills that promote a positive self-image. Girl Power assists girls to challenge social rules and media messages that diminish a girl’s sense of self as they move toward adolescence.

Graffiti Gallery
“Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, at the corner of Higgins Avenue and Gomez Street, Graffiti Art Programming Inc. (better known as G.A.P. or “the gallery”), is a not-for-profit community youth art center, using art as a tool for community, social, economic and individual growth.” Not only does this organization produce some amazing art and artists, it offers kids a much needed chance for self-expression.

Heather Masse
Heather’s new personal website.

Heather Masse on Myspace
Heather’s music on Myspace.

Heather on Facebook
Heather Masse’s official fan page on facebook.

Bluegrass Music Association of Central Canada
BMACC is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Bluegrass and Olde Tyme Music throughout Central Canada. Our goals are to support individuals, groups and organizations involved in Bluegrass and Olde Tyme music. As well as provide leadership and promote education among fans, clubs, bands and artists.

Jane Siberry
We all count Jane as an important influence – she is one of the most creative, original songwriters in Canada. She wrote “Calling All Angels”, a song in the Jennys repertoire.

Jennys on MySpace
The Jennys’ MySpace page.

Jennys on YouTube
The Jennys’ YouTube channel.

John Pearse Strings
We have an official endorsement with this string company for two very good reasons – firstly, they make a great product (we’re particularly fond of their bluegrass guage strings) and secondly (but no less importantly), they are great people.

Leela Gilday
Leela is a singer/songwriter from the Dene Nation who possesses one of the most powerful, fluid voices around. She sings beautiful songs and she has a wicked sense of humour, to boot! We all have a big ol’ crush on her.

LR Baggs
“Advanced pickups and electronics for acoustic and electric stringed instruments.” This California-based company has been at it for a good long time and their products keep getting better and better – we are proud to endorse their pickups. After you get over the fabulous acoustic sound of Ruth’s Collings guitar, ask her to plug it in so you can hear her fancy new LR Baggs pickup. Don’t ask her too much about how it works or she’ll lie and use words like “transponder” and “replicatory sonic resonance” to try and snow you. Just kidding – all you really need to know is that it sounds goooood.

Manitoba Film and Music
Jason Smith and everyone at MFM help us out with recordings, tours and marketing. We are so appreciative of their support!

Manitoba Music
This amazing organization provides countless resources to artists and other music industry types. Sara Stasiuk, Rachel Stone, Sean McManus, and everyone at Manitoba Music help make it possible for Manitoban artists to get out there and make a living playing music.

Martyn Joseph
Martyn is a compelling performer, engaging singer-songwriter with a whole lot to say. And he’s a pretty fine person too!

“Democracy in Action”. We’re Canadian but this American-based organization is a shining example of how ordinary citizens can effect change in western democracies and help make our governments truly accountable to the people. Click on the link and go to the “Success Stories” page for an idea of what this site is about.

We love these guys – if you haven’t heard the amazing songwriting and gorgeous, delicate harmonies of this Winnipeg roots ensemble, then you’re missing out.

Nicky Mehta
Nicky’s personal website.

Nicky on MySpace
Nicky’s MySpace Page.

No Kai Oi Tiki Tattoo
This tattoo shop in Philadelphia features a very talented all female staff, good vibes and a clean environment. Nicky got her Orca tattoo here by Nat and she highly recommends both the shop and the artist (Nat is heading back to Montreal at some point so check to see if she is still there).

Ome Banjos
Ruth loves her banjo. We’re talking reeeeeal love.
In order to bring our music around the globe, we Jennys have to fly frequently. As most of you know, commercial air travel is considered to be the world’s fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. Many organizations (both for profit and not) now offer ways of calculating the carbon output of flights and drives and offer a way to offset that pollution by purchasing “carbon offsets”. is one of those companies and starting January 2006, the Jennys will move one step closer to being “carbon neutral” – for every flight we take, we will purchase the equivalent amount of carbon offsets to make up for our air travel. Our money will go into funding either technology projects that reduce emissions at source or reforestation projects that sequester CO2 from the atmosphere. Examples of projects currently being undertaken by the organizations include disseminating efficient cooking stoves in Honduras, providing finance for renewable energy cooking stoves in schools in India and installing efficient lighting in households in South Africa. Of course, the best solution would be to stop flying altogether but since walking around the earth with our gear might be a little much (and would result in approximately three shows a year), this is the next best option. There are other organizations of this kind in North America and the U.K. (among other places) so please check them out by typing “carbon offsets” into your search engine.

Po Girl
Friends of ours and one of the finest roots acts to come out of Vancouver – check out their tunes

Rae Spoon
We shared a performance with Rae at the Anza in Vancouver and found out for ourselves why he is one of the country’s brightest emerging roots performers.

Ruth Moody
Ruth’s personal website.

Ruth on facebook
Ruth Moody’s official fan page on facebook.

Ruth on MySpace
Ruth’s myspace page

Sawchuk Design
Ron Sawchuk is an award winning designer based in Winnipeg. He is responsible for both the design of ‘Firecracker’ as well as many of the beautiful elements of our website.

These strong and talented women (Darlene, Marilyn, Linda and Deborah) are friends of ours and we are continually wowed by their performances. “Sweet Water Women bring together the sounds of many Nations, along with their own original material. The songs are sung in a sacred way, to honor Mother Earth, our Ancestors, and All our Relations.”

The Bills
The Bills are some of the most accomplished players on the North American acoustic roots scene – we love them!

The Breast Cancer Site
Here’s a fast and easy way to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on “donating a mammogram” for free (pink window in the middle). This doesn’t cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammograms in exchange for advertising. Please go to the link now.

The Jennys on Virb
The Jennys are now on, another music-related social networking site.

The Jennys on YouTube
The Jennys on YouTube
We are a featured artist at this prominent UK site. Some great links to the traditional music scene. Check it out.